Personal loans that cater to the needs of different customers. Personal loans offered by ONEXINVEST can be used for a variety of purposes such as business enhancement, loan repayment, travel abroad, marriage, home repairs, medical emergency etc. Banks and financial institutions offer a variety of financial products. One of these is a personal loan. The first is secured loan and second is unsecured loan.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be used to meet a wide variety of needs, including medical expenses, home renovations, travel, marriage and any other contingent financial requirements. With ONEXINVEST personal loan you can borrow and get instant approval with minimal documentation. Complete our easy eligibility criteria and basic documentation process to receive money on the day of approval.

Our instant personal loan is available to salaried professionals in India at attractive interest rates and there is no hidden fee for it. You can also take advantage of the pre-approved offer for you from ONEXINVEST and get instant fund access.

Here are some features and benefits of ONEXINVEST loan:

  • Get money in bank within 24 hours
  • High loan amount
  • Convenient period
  • Online process with minimal documentation
  • Quick approval in minutes
  • No hidden charges

A personal loan is a convenient option to meet your various financial needs. Personal loan is an unsecured loan that caters to your financial needs like –

Medical Emergency - Immediate funding is required to complete a medical emergency, so for this, avail online personal loan with minimum documentation.

Debt Consolidation - Consolidate multiple loans into one with instant and high-value personal loans.

Higher Education - Provide full financial support to your child during higher education with a high value personal loan. Meet the course fees, travel expenses, hostel fees and all other financing requirements with customized personal loans in India.

Home renovation - Manage the necessary home renovation and repair expenses with an instant loan and make the repayment at a convenient period of your choice.

Used Car - To finance the purchase of a used car, apply online for a personal loan. Avail loans at competitive interest rates and repay in easy EMI.

Wedding - With the help of a personal loan, meet all the expenses of the grand wedding or plan a trip after the wedding.

Travel - Complete your travel goals with funds raised on easy eligibility criteria. Cover all expenses including flight tickets, hotel booking during national or international air travel.

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