This is actually a loan taken to meet your business needs. If you are also thinking about doing your work or setting up an enterprise, then you can apply for a business loan. If you are already doing a business and are feeling money to increase it or to meet its capital requirements, then you can still take a business loan. Business loans help your small business grow, allowing you to invest in infrastructure, operations and plant and machinery.

In addition, trade credit can also be a perfect means of maintaining business for important business operations. Customized business loans are a new category of business loans designed to meet the specific needs of a new age business or start-up. These loans provide an opportunity to test your enterprise and provide the competitive edge necessary for success in today's world.

If you are not sure whether your business falls under a restricted category or location, you can contact us to confirm your eligibility

3 Simple Steps for Your Business Loan

  • Submit application
  • Just enter your personal, business and financial information to get business loan offers.
  • Upload document
  • Upload digital copies of your documents in a single step process for verification.
  • Needs Approval
  • Get approval and disbursement of your business loan within 3 working days.

Business loan type

Equity funding- Business owners can raise money by dividing their share in the company in lieu of capital investment. While a popular option in more advanced markets such as the United States, equity funding by SMEs is a less preferred option in the Indian investment market, as it is with the risk of ownership dilution. In the case of equity funding, a business owner can maintain the option to buy back shares to go back to preferred ownership levels, once the investment objectives are met.

Short Term Loans- These loans have a smaller ticket size due to the shorter repayment window.

Equipment finance- Equipment finance is a popular means of improving cash flow and working capital. Equipment financing is the use of a loan or lease to purchase or borrow a hard asset. It is a type of secured business loan because the lender has rights over the equipment in case of default.

Trade creditor- A supplier who has provided goods or services for your business, but has not yet been paid, is considered a trade creditor. It is a very common arrangement for conducting day to day business activities between buyers, suppliers and service providers with long working relationships. The amount can be considered a very short-term business loan for a business creditor.

Business loan EMI and how to calculate it-

Different types of business loans can be repaid in different ways. One of the easiest ways to repay a business loan is through Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs). Your loan is divided into the same fixed amount that is paid on a monthly basis until the full repayment of the loan. An EMI consists of two parts, the principal loan amount and the interest earned. Small and medium businesses find it easier to repay business loans with EMIs, as this method allows them to fund expensive assets and expansions without leaving their small operating budgets.

Does it benefit your business?

Finally, any form of capital investment should benefit your business. If you have a plan to repay the loan and also have an intended use case for the loan amount, but it is not providing meaningful growth to your tasks, then you should probably think again about taking a business loan. Therefore, sit down with your financial planners, heads of operations and other business advisors so that you can develop a growth strategy before applying for your first business loan.

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